Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CUE:BOT unique?

The robots from CUE:BOT are not just ordinary robots from the industry. Through our modifications to the machines, they are designed exactly for use in event and stage technology. Therefore, the CUE:BOT already offers direct connections for the supply of light, video or sound technology at the mounting fixture. Our specially manufactured adapters ensure that every conceivable common object in event technology can be mounted.

What weight can the robot lift and move?

The maximum mounting weight depends on the way of mounting. We currently have two machine types in stock. The CUE:BOT has a maximum payload of 210 kg with a maximum extension of up to 2.7 meters. This load can be accelerated by the robot by up to 1.5 m/s, depending on the type of movement.
CUE:BOT Slim has a maximum payload of 16 kg with a reach of 1.9 meters. This is sufficient to move smaller LED lamps or a TV screen of up to 50".

How safe is it to handle robots without a safety fence?

In general, the CUE:BOTs should be integrated into the stage so that they are out of reach of people. If this is not guaranteed, further safety systems are required for operation in the audience or scenic area. As a rule, we limit the areas in which the robot can move by means of a further monitoring level in the software. In addition, the 4-eyes or 6-eyes principle is applied when moving in the scenic area. This means that there must always be a manual movement release with a view to the movement area.

How is CUE:BOT controlled during the show?

The CUE:BOT Master control can already process a large number of the protocols commonly used in event technology for control. Normally, the controller works with an LTC time code. However, external triggers via DMX on a network basis or digital control inputs can also be used to change the position of the machines.

The CUE:BOT can use PosiStageNet©?

Yes, CUE:BOT's already support the PosiStageNet© protocol. The current position of each machine can thus be sent in real time to any media or lighting control, for example to vary the output of the media area on the LED screen. The data of the machines can each be linked to the geographical location of the machine in space, so that one gets the real location in space of a scenic area.

Can I intervene in the flow during a show?

Yes, and that's exactly what makes the CUE:BOTS's so special. Through our control, it is possible to intervene in the course of the show at any time, without disturbing the complete course of the show. Should minor changes be made to the positions during the show, this is possible at any time. Only rides that happen into and with each other cannot be edited live for safety reasons. However, these can be adjusted at any time during the rehearsal period of the show.

How many robots can a show have?

Currently, the CUE:BOT Master Control is limited to a maximum number of 32 machines. This ensures that all machines move simultaneously and safely in the show and that there is no delay in the control. Especially since with such a number of machines you also have to consider the safety aspect, which should certainly not be underestimated.