Awesome Features

We present the first event and stage suitable industrial robots. Our robots are not only powerful for any creative application, but also offer reliability and safety to the highest standard.

Reliable and redundant

The control of our robots is based on the Kuka software architecture which already is used in the industry, but has been specially adapted by us for the needs in the event and scenery area. This allows us to adapt any movement in real time and also to intervene in the events on stage.
The redundant control system, based on the industry standard Ethercat©, enables us to guarantee secure communication with all machines and control systems even during tour and live operation.


Our control allows a variety of communication with the control and sequence techniques common in the event area. Whether DMX, time code or PosiStageNet, the CUE:BOT Master control leaves nothing to be desired.

Additional Options

You are planning a moving object in the stage area, no problem. Due to our in-house workshop, special constructions for the connection to the robot are no obstacle for us.
Whether light, LED modules, LCD screens or even pyrotechnics. There are no limits for the robots here.